Data Visualizations – BI360 Cloud, Power BI, and all that Jazz

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Way back in the day in my first job, I was tasked by the management team in preparing the month-end reporting package. Now those reports were not carved on cave walls but instead produced using a mainframe financial system. As part of my role had to take the data generated from those mainframe reports and manually provide a simple sales trend graphic in the form line graphics using a stand-alone plotter we had recently acquired. Management loved what I supplied them, and I become a hero.

Roll forward to 2019

The expectations have changed, and management demands all reports to include charts and graphs. But it doesn’t stop there. Management expects data to be sliced and diced as well, and the results presented in varying different graphical ways today.

So how do we achieve this? What tools are available? Which one is the best for the situation?

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