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BI360 Cloud - To Cloud or Not to Cloud

When you’re evaluating a purchase of or an upgrade to Solver’s BI360 Cloud, you have to make one important decision: to cloud or not to cloud. Because BI360 Cloud is not only available in the Cloud, it also brings this technology to the Private Host/On-Premise environment. There are pros and cons to both options, which we explore in detail in this blog.

It’s important to note that both deployment options use the same code base, so you have essentially the same functionality under either deployment scenario. However, the infrastructure requirements are more extensive for Private Host installations than they were for previous versions of BI360.

The bottom line is: For businesses using a cloud-based ERP or CRM, it’s a no brainer. Go with a Cloud implementation of Cloud BI360. While businesses using an On-Premise or Hosted ERP or CRM should give serious consideration to transitioning to a Cloud environment because it reduces your reliance on internal resources.

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